A spec piece made for Little Pond Productions

Alf Kumalo February 2012 from Catherine Muller on Vimeo.

Clients: UNICEF, SOUL CITY, Ochre Media
Actor Laurence Fishburn who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster 'The Matrix', visited South Africa as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. This commercial was created during that time.

54 minutes  
Ochre Media
Producer: Lauren Segal
Executive Producer: Indra de Lanerolle 
My role: Director, Camera 
Second Camera: Dusco Marovic
Editor: Sharon Hawkes
Broadcaster: South African Broadcasting Corporation 

I followed a gang of car hijackers in Sebokeng and Orange Farm during the course of a year - their story eventually ended in arrest. The film was made in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) to document some of the factors that lead to young men pursuing lives of violent crime in South Africa.

2 x 45 minute films 
Little Bird Television
Executive Producer: James Mitchell 
My role: Researcher, Director, Editor 
Broadcaster: e.tv 
The story of the key role played by football in South African politics in two parts. These documentaries tell of the long and bitter battle to get soccer racially integrated, concentrating on the crucial years between 1969 and 1980. These were turbulent times for the sport during which South Africa was placed under increasing international pressure until it was finally expelled from FIFA. 

The second installment documents a hitherto untold story: how football provided both sustenance and cover for leading members of the country's liberation movement. Key figures from the ANC (including former President Kgalema Motlanthe) recall how crucial meetings took place in the grandstands of soccer arenas in order to avoid detection by the security police. The films also explore the importance of the game to Nelson Mandela and fellow comrades during the years of imprisonment on Robben Island. 

A spec piece made for Little Pond Productions
A morning spent with the Khomani San cybertrackers of Andriesvale.

Stars & Stones from Catherine Muller on Vimeo.

Client: The Bomb Shelter, Dreamfields
This film was made for Dreamfields, a NGO that provides soccer kit and hosts football tournaments in communities in need. The documentary captures the transformational effects of the beautiful game and the dramatic benefits of some simple interventions.

24 minutes 
Little Bird Television
Executive Producer: James Mitchell 
My role: Director, Camera, Editor, Research 
Broadcaster: e.tv 

Filmed in Sebokeng township, south of Johannesburg, this documentary follows the fortunes of Kamo, a 10 year-old footballer and his team. A heart-warming story of tears and victory. 

Clients: Converse / Yellowwoods Group
Currently, in South Africa, two out of three young people are unemployed. 

The Yellowwoods Group has embarked upon a programme to train skilled employees while also addressing this crisis of joblessness; an initiative that makes both financial and social sense.

Weekly 15 minutes, later 24 minutes 
Ochre Media (formerly Times Media Television) 
Fellow Directors: Nadine Zylstra, Miki Redlinghuys, Peni Flascas

Editor: Sara Dane

Producer: Emma Chittenden

Executive Producer: Stan Joseph
Commissioning Editor: Siven Maslamoney
My role: Director
(Over 100 inserts directed.)
Broadcaster: South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC Education)

Get Real was a youth current affairs television show inspired by filmmaker Michael Moore's 'Roger and Me' and ITV's Emmy-winning show 'Wise Up'. Get Real had a loyal following among South African teens - it made a big impact and was awarded the 1999 UNICEF NHK Japan Prize.

54 minutes
 Ochre Media
Producers: Steven Markovitz and Nodi Murphy for the Encounters Intl. Documentary Festival
Executive Producer: Indra de Lanerolle

My role: Director, Camera, Editor

Broadcaster: South African Broadcasting Corporation

This doc told the story of African men in Johannesburg who were engaged in transactional sex.  The film was
profiled by the BBC as this was considered to be a new phenomenon at the time.  Festivals: Ten Years of Freedom Festival, New YorkInternational Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, San Francisco.