Based in Johannesburg, Catherine Muller has an M.A. with commendation from Bristol University and has worked in the television industry for 24 years, filming in diverse communities and making content for the SABC, Mnet, BBC and Channel4. In the educational television sector, career highlights included being series director on Get Real  which was awarded the NHK Japan Prize for Courage in Depicting Youth in Difficult Circumstances, as well as live action series producer for the multi-award winning Takalani Sesame.  As such, she is a filmmaker with a thorough understanding of what it is to shoot in the local South African context.  She has created a wide range of pieces for broadcast as well as for corporate clients. Catherine has worked on factual television shows such as Take 5, Zola 7 as well as Total Soccer, detailing links between the anti-Apartheid struggle and football during the 70s and 80s. She has also shot, directed and edited long form documentaries such as Very Fast Guys (screened at the Ten Years of Freedom Festival in New York). Catherine works as a tutor for Wits University‚Äôs School of Journalism teaching a two-week intensive visual story-telling course for print journalists with Indra de Lanerolle (former BBC producer.) Catherine is a one-stop shop: she shoots, directs and edits. As such, AVENUE offers a highly competitive price point .